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My Angel –
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Born with a birth defect of missing vertebrae in my neck, my life has been one near death experience after another, but needing to write about the most awesome near death experience that involved an Angel, My Angel, is truly an honor from God! It's been an experience that continues to replay over and over in my heart and mind to this day. After 10 years of marriage to my husband and moving to our 7th home within 7 of those 10 years, it all had left me almost unaware of my purpose and mostly confused of which landing was I to be a part of. It all slowly started to come clear after the purchase of our prized find, a new dream come true, glass top stove to replace the impossible old mini electric stove they had left here in our new home after escrow had closed. Our electrician had came over at my husband's request and would be apart of this miracle, too. A nice cozy, comfy place and a dream come true location wise for us, we moved the stove in and our electrician Mike professionally hooked it up to the newly needed 220 volt outlet for us. An hour or so had passed after Mike had left and the suns location had said it was coming on to dinnertime as we had not had a chance to even put up a kitchen clock yet, so I decided to get familiar with this glass top stove as I can be a bit hard headed when it comes to change.

Feeling inspired finally, I decided to try a meal preparation out on our new stove. My husband was up-stairs trying to set up an office. I was doing pretty good as our new home was located at over 5,000 elevation which qualified for elevation preparation zone cooking instructions and my meal was smelling more lovely that meal than I have ever smelled it before...roses mixed with food cooking? I have desired that lovely aroma ever since and have never been able to accomplish it. He's going to be proud of my efforts on this new stove and he must be getting hungry from this lovely aroma I was experiencing down below. It's got to be traveling right up those stairs to him I thought. When all of the sudden I heard a giant crash onto the floor upstairs. My husband must sat a heavy box with lots of paper weight onto the floor. Startled, I stopped my cooking efforts and glancing around, I noticed there on the counter a single bottle that had not been put away yet. I walked up to it, picked it up and walked about 4 feet down the kitchen counter and was facing out the kitchen window . In that moment the most incredible, reassuring and lovely angelic male voice strongly spoke in my left ear and said...”Stand still and don't be afraid!” I found myself immediately obedient to the voice and did not move or scream as I know I normally do if I'm frightened by something...I was completely at peace.

In the next moment another even larger gigantic crash hit. I remained at peace-perfectly still as the voice had instructed me to do so. I never screamed and my husband, hearing the crash came running down the stairs almost frantic saying as he came “what happened, are you alright?” I never turned my head so I really couldn't answer his question right off and all of the sudden a lovely illuminating bright white light flashed out the window. I turned and finally I could get out the words-“Honey, are we having any weather outside?” As at this elevation, one ends up right in the storm cloud. He quickly ran up the stairs and checked out the front and said “No, the sky is clear!” For I had realized all in that same moment that the flash of light was from the wonderful voice but did find it necessary to verify my factual thoughts. The happenings around me that I was so peacefully unaware of was that the giant old lighting unit that was above our prized new glass top stove had gave way. An 80lb. Dino, approx. 6ft in length, and the previous owners/ not the first owners/ had it there in place as well, it had been put up with 2 one inch roofing nails. Even us non-contractor women know that wouldn't ever do! All I could figure is that my husband's heavy box dropping above-jarred it a loose.

This dangerously installed lighting unit,made of heavy metal, and with very sharp shaped corners on all four corners had been there right above the glass top stove, our electrician Mike, my husband and me. When it came down, any law of gravity expert would say that it should have fallen straight down-80lbs of heavy metal but it miraculously turned, falling right between the stove and I. In a four foot space. It hit the kitchen counter and left a gash to this day, as a reminder that an angel, My Angel, had as the bible says “and the Angel, rolled away the stone” for Jesus Christ's tomb, this angel had turned this terrible possible tragic happening into a Miracle. Never would I ever doubt that I'm not still suppose to be here, as God says He uses all things for His good.

Thank-you dear Lord God for your precious protection and for caring not only for our lives but also the quality of living as well by saving the precious little things, you remind us that our hearts not breaking are important to you as well!

Lorii of Lori.fm 
'Angels Faces' song was written with compassion for hurting, yearning little faces I have experienced and it is to you I dedicate this song...Love

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