'My Magical Music Tree'


by Di


Lori and 'Daisy'


     As an artist-musician, first and foremost is the trained ear, you specifically listen for sounds that have meaning and can be used is some way to create the sound you desire your audience to hear. So with the trained ear sometimes you stumble upon things that are pretty unique. We came to this very magical location, our first home in a very magical place. There on our property was this 100 foot locust tree that had me puzzled by its name and little by little, as I found out, he had magical music in him. The birds flock to him trying to eat their portion of the blossoms nectar with such commotion, it was downright histerical. There were so many bees they sounded like an orchestra on their own. When the wind would rustle through the remaining seed pods now dry and brittle that refuse to fall as they they wriggle and jiggle they sound just like locus and that's were he got his name.There's very special magical music in my very special Locust Tree, I'll forever miss..


Di'a Magical Musical Locust Tree

"I'll forever miss!"