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"The TRUNK and I"
Loris antique ziegfel follies theatrical trunk from victorian era



"To Appreciate Music you need to go Way Back"


Di's Magical Mystery Trunk

Di and her prize antique trunk from the days of Broadway Plays and Stage. This trunk was once used by 'Louise Robinson' a stage performer in the Famous 'Ziegfeld Follies'. This was an era of true stage performers.  There entire lives were in these trunks which they carried with them eveywhere they traveled, by ship or by train.

Loris antique theatrical trunk from the follies

I am thrilled to announce that we heard from Louise Robinson and she is alive and well celebrating her 100th Birthday in July 2005.

Happy Birthday Louise you're a real 'trooper!'

A Most Unusual Trunk from a special Theatrical Era!

Lori's ziegfeld follies louise robinson antique trunk

From one hard working performer of the 20th Century to another in the 21st Century. This is Loris pride and joy trunk.



Loris' magical antique victorian ziegfeld follies trunk

Cheering you on Millie to become another one
of the Centurians! And thanks for your years of support

Lori's pen pal thank you to Friend Millie from www.lori.fm
Photos by Mildred Woods

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Ziegfeld Follies:

See all about theater of yesteryear!
What eventually became known as vaudeville had its origins in minstrel shows, concert-saloons, and beer gardens. Unlike the minstrel show, which appealed to broad audiences of both sexes, early variety or vaudeville was designed for men only. The name "vaudeville" largely replaced variety by the 1890s, but the word "variety" continued to be used as a synonym throughout the period covered by this collection. Both terms referred to a program constructed from separate acts of several different types.


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Lori's Blue Skies collector's Poster www.lori.fm

Lori's friend and fan Millie from www.lori.fm
Millie sends in Happy Holidays!

antique photos from the past from www.lori.fmLori's Music Fan Millie at 19 years old www.lori.fm
Happy Valentine's Day Millie!

The Antique picture on the left is Millie's confirmation Day photo with her mom and gramdma in Brooklyn, NY at 7 years old.

The lovely Antique photo on the right is Millie at 19 years old, she was a 'Hennarinses!".

"Millie, thanks so much for ll the joy in photo sharing, you know how much I love Antique Photos. Your Pal"

lori pen pal fantasy poem from www.lori.fm
PenPal Fantasy
by Lori
Copyright 2010 by Lori
All rights reserved
lori pen pal 20 cent stamp from www.lori.fm

To paper and pen I have taken
to write a many a word,
and in my heart I have staken
this chance with unspoken and unheard

A friendship and trust develops
and like family we become,
the loving true feelings envelops
and the inner soul has to surrcomb.

But then without a warning, not even a whisper heard,
the shouts cry out when given a chance in spoken word for now to phone line communication we have fallen, thinking all written should have been more spoken.

The sadness creeps in like a thief in the night
to steal away what was such a beautiful light
and we fond of paper and pen now sit wondering why,
what happened and can we regain Pen Pal Fantasy
when and if we try?

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